Sweet Firebrand


Sweet Firebrand is cruelty-free lifestyle brand and online boutique. We promote a compassionate lifestyle and offer creative collections of apparel, accessories, and fine art prints for animal lovers and advocates.


A few notes about our 3D printed jewelry items and the variety of materials that are available...

Polished silver is lightly hand polished to achieve a smooth finish but still can have some surface texture. Polished bronze and brass go through extensive hand polishing to give it a smooth, glossy finish. Our bronze consists of 10% tin and 90% copper and Brass consists of 15% zinc, 5% tin, and 80% copper. Precious metals (Gold, Rose Gold, and Rhodium) have a smooth premium finish and are plated onto polished brass. Steel (material used in our photos unless otherwise noted) has a rough, pitted surface and is available in polished bronze and grey finishes. This material is infused with bronze, and has a final composition of approximately 60% steel and 40% bronze. The way that bronze infiltrates into the steel can vary, and creates a unique variation in undertone.